Free online tutorials and manuals for tools for linguists

As per a request for a list of free online introductory tutorials and manuals for several linguistic oriented software programs, I here by present, from the frozen depths of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, a list of free introductory tutorials and manuals for Praat, ELAN, R, and a bit on FLEx, Python, LaTeX, & regular expressions. I haven’t read them all, but I’ve found some to be very useful over the years. I’ve also shamelessly plugged a few of my own. Please feel free to add to/ remove and/ or modify the listings! Suggestions can be submitted here.

/Jesse Stewart

✔ = I've read and I approve (and duh, of course I've approved my own <wink>)
= approved by someone else (which means I haven't read it, and I probably should). 
? = I haven't read - if you have an opinion, please let me know.
! = advanced

Lastest update: 01-Feb-2016

Yes, that's a mouth and an ear
(not a thundercloud)

Basic stats

for linguistic applications


Mixed effects model statistics 



Regular expressions


  • LingPy - Johann-Mattis List, Steven Moran, Peter Bouda, Johannes Dellert ?
  • NLTK 3.0 (Natural Language Tool Kit) - NLTK Project ?
Annotation schemes


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