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Ethnologue changes access, again! Clarifying points

News in brief. Ethnologue, as of October 26, have changed their access conditions on the site. Instead of getting 3 free page views per month, users can now see all pages on the website but not all information on them. To the right  are examples of what the views look like for Country and Language pages. This has sparked negative emotions. They are also pushing more for their guide pages, which old users may notice is very similar to the "Statistics" pages of older editions but with less information. These guide pages seem directed more at educators than academics. Just like with the previous access restrictions, these are not levied against users in certain countries with low mean incomes.  They have also launched a contributor program , which will enable people who contribute to access Ethnologue freely. SIL International is the publisher of Ethnologue, they are a "faith-based" organisation and while they claim to not be missionary, they work cl