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CLDF for dummies (v1.0)

  I wrote a little document called "CLDF for dummies" based on what I know about CLDF that I think may be helpful to other researchers in language and cultural diversity and evolution. I am NOT a CLDF-developer or editor, this is all from an end-user perspective. I'll keep a full and updated version here . Here is version 1.0: CLDF for dummies This document outlines some of the very basics of the Cross-Linguistic Data Formats (CLDF) for researchers who want to use the data sets for analysis, comparison or plotting. CLDF is a way of organizing language data, in particular data sets with many different languages in it. The basic organisation is a set of tables, usually in csv-sheets (languages.csv, forms.csv etc). These documents are linked to each other in a specific way which makes it possible to combine them into an interlinked database. The files are all governed by standards, there are sanity-checks to make sure all lines up right. Because they are often just plain csv