New positions in Jena and general about looking for jobs as a linguist

Jena from afar (Jena is in the valley of the plateau)
Central Jena
The Max Planck Insitute for the Sciences of Human History in Jena has just announced 2 PhD positions and 1 postdoc, and the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena has also announced 1 PhD position. Follow the links for more info.

In light of that, I wanted to highlight some other relevant resources for those of us who are looking for a PhD position, or considering what to do after having finished the PhD or masters degree.

Linguists Outside of Academia
There's a mailing list for linguists who are working outside of academia, or who want to work outside of academia. 

Welcome along to Linguists Outside Academia! We are a motley crew of self-identifying linguists with tenuous connections to the groves of academe. This includes trained linguists who are currently out of work, as well as people on shaky fixed-term academic contracts, and others who have 'linguistic' type jobs in non-academic settings. We're here to share ideas about professional life, rejoice in success, commiserate in failure, and generally steer our way through the rolling swells of a tumultuous job market.

Specific jobs outside of academia in linguistics - Appen
There are several different possible workplaces for linguists outside of academia, one in particular that I want to highlight is the tech-company Appen. They have a large variety of different kinds of positions available, and several of them are combinable with studying part-time or working remotely.

What does a linguist do?
Annemarie had the great idea to start a series of blogposts on the theme "What does a linguist do?", hers is here. We other Humans here haven't caught up yet and made a post though, but we will!

Tips for people looking for positions
We made a longer post with more advice on applying for PhD positions, and there's also the tag "Hopefully helpful for linguistics students".


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