Maybe some isolates are creoles? pt 2

It has not escaped me that a while ago we asked the question "maybe the language isolate Bangime is actually an old creole?"* and now the MPI-SHH in Jena has a research project on the genetics of Bangande people (Bangime speakers) and they also had a mini-African symposium with language experts on Bangime and Dogon.. and now later this year there's a workshop on "Language shift and substratum interference in (pre)history"...

Interesting... I will be watching this space.


*Basically, they've got lexicon from the surrounding Dogon and from the perspective of a typological questionnaire (NTS), the language "lacks" a lot of grammatical things, including similarities with Dogon languages. Also, there's suggestions that they used to be slaves of the Dogon.


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