Got language descriptions? Scan and share 'em!

Have you got language descriptions lying around that could be made accessible in digital format?* Scan and share 'em! Here's a video of me cutting up and feeding a book page by page into the automatic scanning feeder. Ah, such joy!

In video: Hedvig, editing: Hedvig, camera: Suzanne (fellow co-founder of HWRG), 
Music: Stereo Total & Hang On The Box

Don't hesitate to send a copy to hedvig.public ™gmail (dot) com if possible! Get in contact with your library, perhaps they'd be keen to have digital versions of their material, just that they don't have time to scan it themselves? This is often the case.

We need to make linguistics less WEIRD, promote the knowledge of endangered languages and broaden our understanding of linguistic diversity - this means making more research accessible to more people.

Happy scanning everyone!

* Naturally, consider the rights and permissions surrounding the document in question and use your judgment.


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