Feeling bummed about the Ethnologue pay-wall? Cheer yourself up with these freely accessible resources

Lists, lists, lists & posts 
- we've  got lists and posts to make you happy!!
The Ethnologue might be instituting restrictions, but many other parts of linguistics - especially documentation and descriptive, is getting more and more open!
Also; why not indulge yourself in some of the other resources SIL has produced and that are accessible freely? Such as:

  • Online Dictionaries of the World - Webonary
  • Linguistics Glossaries (English only & French/English), 
  • All of their fieldworks programs and support (including FLEx which has basically replaced toolbox)
  • Doulos SIL  - IPA font 

  • You can read more about the resources of SIL International here.

    Now, doesn't that feel a lot better now? Better about SIL, better about linguistics. Just better. Dancing is permitted.

    P.S. For those who wondered, the lady with the big bow is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and she's a J-Pop star and very good. Want to know more about the usage of reaction gifs (them moving images there), go look what fellow linguist Gretchen McCulloch says on AllThingsLinguistic (here and here).


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