A list of free online tutorials and manuals - Praat, ELAN, R, and FLEx

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As per a request for a list of free online introductory tutorials and manuals for several linguistic oriented software programs, I here by present, from the frozen depths of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, a list of free introductory tutorials and manuals for Praat, ELAN, R, and a bit on FLEx. I haven’t read them all, but I’ve found some to be very useful over the years. I’ve also shamelessly plugged a few of my own. Please feel free to add to/ remove and/ or modify the listings!

Using Praat for linguistic research – good tutorial by Will Styler
Praat short tutorial by: Pascal van Lieshout
Yes, that's a mouth and an ear
Praat Tutorial and Resources – Jean-Philippe Goldman
Speech analysis using PRAAT – Pranav Jawale
Praat scripting basics – Florian Jaeger
Praat scripting – Antje Schweitzer
PRAAT a tutorial – Ally Esteban

The official ELAN manual – Maddalena Tacchetti
ELAN linguistic annotator – Birgit Hellwig et al
Basic ELAN tutorial for MAC users – Mischa Park-Doob
Aligning Text to Audio and Video Using ELAN – Andrea Berez and Joye Kiester
ELAN 1 course from COLANG 2014 – Nicole Rosen and Jesse Stewart
ELAN 2 course from COLANG 2014 – Jesse Stewart and Nicole Rosen

R for linguistic applications

Mixed effects model statistics
The not so beginner’s manual to lme4: Mixed-effects modeling with R – Douglas Bates


Vowel charts in R – Jesse Stewart
Tutorial: ggplot2 – Ramon Saccilotto
Cookbook for R – O’Reilly

FLEx 1 course from COLANG 2014 - Nathan Eversole and Juliet Morgan

The LaTeX for Linguists Home Page - Doug Arnold

Regular Expressions
egerp for linguists (Unix based) - Nikolaj Lindberg


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