The International Linguistics Olympiad starts on Monday

On Monday the International Linguistics Olympiad starts in Blagoevgrad in Bulgaria. 44 teams of secondary school students from 29 countries will compete in solving linguistic puzzles. They will compete in 18 different languages, you can read more about those here. The olympiad is about solving linguistic puzzles based on the languages of the world (it is not a test of competence in different languages, just like linguistics is not the science of knowing the most languages).

We want to wish all participants all the best, good luck everyone! If you're wondering anything about languages or linguistics, feel free to ask us Humans for advice!

Linguistics is a great discipline, it's great to see so many enthusiastic young people from all over the world get together to celebrate it. I hope they all have tons of fun and learn loads :)!

If you want to follow the IOL around on the internets, check out this post for different ways of doing that and keep an eye out for #ioling. If you've got any questions about the IOL, be sure to ask them here :D!


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