Humans-Hedvig on Speculative Grammarian-Podcast

Did you know that the brilliant journal of satirical linguistics - The Speculative Grammarian also features a very entertaining podcast (iTunes link here)?  The podcast includes readings of articles (my current fav is the one on vampire linguistics, listen to mp3 here), the occasional musical number or dramatical piece and also a talk show called "Language Made Difficult". The talk show is hosted by the LingNerds (and editors of SpecGram): Trey Jones (whom I "cyber-stalked" once), Keith W Slater, William Spruiell and Sheri Wells-Jensen. It's a fun show, you should tots start listening.

Also.. I'll be appearing in future episodes of that show in a segment called "Lies, Damned Lies and Linguistics". All the way from Australia you can hear me trying to tease apart which one out of three facts is a lie. Won't tell you how I did, you'll have to tune in.

It's all free and online, start up your fav web browser and/or podcast client and start listening.
Hedvig/I in front of a map of Stralia today when she/I recorded.


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