Centre for Dynamics of Language in Australia launches full website!

Judging from the statistics of which posts gets most read and spread, it would seem that y'all are really interested in updates on current exciting research (the most read post is this list of some new exciting research projects that have just started).

Well, then I guess you'd be excited to learn that one of the research projects of that post, the newly started ARC Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language, has got a a flashy nice new website with lots of information. 

The centre is a collaboration between Univeristy of Queensland, University of Western Sydney, University of Melbourne and the Australian National Univeristy (ANU) in Canberra. There are other associated bodies of research too.

In november last year ANU made a very nice video about the centre, featuring the two directors Nicholas Evans and Jane Simpsons. It's very inspirational, watch it!

This all ties in very well with the recent discussions on the grand challenges of linguistics. I'd once again like to encourage all active in the field to take a moment and formulate problems in current research that they think are the most interesting and rewarding issues to work on. It need not be universal to the field, it can be very subjective - what do you see as critical topics right now? Once you've done that, make a blog post or send it to us, we'd be keen on knowing what you are viewing as important issues right now.

The new centre is centred around four topic areas/puzzles/challenges:

Click on them to read more about the different questions posed and the ways the centre are approaching them.

For full disclose: I am a part of this centre as an associated PhD student from the Wellsprings of Linguistic Diversity-project. I do however want to stress that this blog is not of the centre, ANU or any other research institute that authors are affiliated with - this blog is our own personal enterprise.

p.s. The centre also has a twitter feed, that for example announced just the other day that the new website is "so dynamic it hurts" ;).


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