#lingwiki 2

There will a second collaborative editing session of linguistic related topics on wikipedia. You can read Gretchen's report on the last one here and some info about #lingwiki on our blog here. It's once again being coordinated by brilliant Gretchen McCulloch from Allthingslinguistic. I'll spread some information form her onwards to you now:

It will take place the last weekend in March, the 28th-29th. We'll have a peak 3-hour online window between 11pm-2am GMT (that's 7pm-10pm US-EST Saturday aka 7-10am Sunday Singapore time,  10am-1pm Australian EDT, 6pm-9pm US-CST, 4pm-7pm US-PST.

To create a larger timespan for you personally to edit in, just start earlier, continue later, or a little bit of both, whatever's comfortable for your timezone and preferred sleeping habits! If the peak window doesn't work for you at all, also feel free to edit any time on the weekend of March 28-29.

We'll be using and keeping track of the #lingwiki hashtag. Regardless of whether you'll be active on the hashtag,  check out the how-to slides here and make sure to fill out the survey afterwards at some point over the weekend so that your edits can get added to the summary list. As mentioned before, feel free to get together with a couple people in your local area if you want some company. And if there's interest, we might also set up a google hangout so that we can feel like we're in the same room together.

We'll be reminding everyone again as the dates draw closer.


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