Making linguistics on wikipedia better!

Hurray, let's make the world better by improving linguistics on the internets! There will be a coordinated effort to improve articles on linguistic topics on Wikipedia. It's being formally hosted at the annual meeting of Linguistic Society of America (LSA), headed by Gretchen McCulloch of the excellent blog All Things Linguistic. She's written more about the editing session here.

It'll formally take place on Saturday the 10th of January at 20-22 Pacific Standard Time (04-06 GMT/UTC).

We're especially focusing on:

1. Linguistics stubs
2. Under-documented languages
3. Biographies of prominent linguists, especially female linguists and other minorities

I'll be participating even though I won't be there in the flesh world. Wanna join? Give us a notification here. There's no restriction language-wise, no need to edit only English articles.

Let's celebrating with some Chris Pratt grooving.


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