What should we call our app game about linguistic diversity?

Hello! Wanna help us find a name for a smartphone app game about linguistic diversity?
I'm working with Seán Roberts (of MPI Nijmegen and the blog Replicated Typo), Mark Dingemanse (also of MPI Nijmegen but of the blog the Ideophone) and Peter Withers & Pashiera Barkhuysen at the Language in Interaction project (WP7) to create a game for smartphones that let's you compete in recognising and explore languages of the world.
We need a name for this game and we'd like your help in figuring it out. Since cultural evolution and iterated learning is very cool, Seán's set up a very quick iterated learning game that you can play that will help us. Help us evolve an app name! The more that play the merrier! 
It's a very simple game and takes very little time. As Seán says "We’ll throw some app names at you, you try to remember them, then we throw your names at someone else." 


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