Want more linguistics in your life?

Do you know of any other sites, blogs or similar where people can learn about linguistics and the diversity of the languages of our planet?

I know of loads, I try to keep track of them all but sometimes it becomes a tad bit overwhelming. I like lists, so I made a list. It's only of sources that are in English and I haven't written down  a description for each one (yet). If there's anything you think I should add, please add a comment, reblog on tumblr and tell me, or tell us here.

There's also this lists here of free online database of languages.

I used to be jealous of my partner who's in physics because they've got lots of online lectures etc that they can use to complement their education. We're not there yet, but there are more initiatives then one might think. It's awesome. Let's spread the word! Check some of these blogs and sites out and if you like it share it onwards. Because you know:


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