Seeking truth in myth, looking for the polynesian homeland

In this paper I shall attempt something so outdated as to be novel: to attribute historical truth to a myth.
Geraghty, Paul (1993) 

I just find that sentence very beautiful and satisfying. This is from a paper on the polynesian homeland, sometimes we don't just read grammars, but articles in historical linguistics too. You can find that paper here.

Here's a picture of polynesia and settlement patterns proposed by Emory (1963), article here.

Wanna read more recent stuff on settlement in the pacific? Here you are (free PDF online of Dunn et al 2008).

Full reference
Dunn, M., Levinson, S. C., Lindström, E., Reesink, G., & Terrill, A. (2008). Structural phylogeny in historical linguistics: Methodological explorations applied in Island Melanesia. Language, 84(4), 710-759. doi:10.1353/lan.0.0069.

Emory, Kenneth P. (1963) East Polynesian relationships. Settlement Pattern and Time Involved as Indicated by Vocabulary Agreements. Journal of the Polynesian Society, volume 72, No. 2. p 78 - 100

Geraghty, Paul (1993) Pulotu, Polynesian Homeland. Journal of the Polynesian Society, volume 104, no. 4. p 343-384


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