Looking for a very interesting book...

Familiar chain of events for many researchers, especially those dealing in fields where one needs to cite a lot of previous literature (like linguistics).
  • Finds book in the local university library that looks extremely useful and interesting
  • Gets very excited! Books! New knowledge!
  • Tries to borrow it
  • Cannot
  • Sees the return date and notices that it's overdue
  • Gets a vague feeling that the date looks familiar
  • Tries to track down who has the book
  • Realises that it's oneself
  • Remembers that this is not the first time this has happened

There's a last stage too that at least applies to me
  • Realises that while it's necessary and good to read previous literature, there is such a thing as too much and when you just borrow books that looks useful but actually don't read 'em then it's better to spend that time with your own data and ideas..


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