Gender only in 2nd person

My current favorite data-point in the database South American Indigenous Language Structures is the one where Cholón has gender distinctions in pronouns, but only for 2nd person. It's by Olga Krasnoukhova (2014), citing Alexander-Bakkerus (2005).

Feature:  NP8 Is there a gender distinction in independent personal pronouns?
Language: Cholón (ethnologue, glottolog)

It just makes me happy.

Have a nice Halloween everyone!

Alexander-Bakkerus, Astrid. 2005. Eighteenth-Century Cholón. Universiteit Leiden. 120. (Also partly published in Inca I:690-750, Lima, 1923.)

Krasnoukhova, Olga. 2014. Noun Phrase (NP). In Muysken, Pieter et al. (eds.) South American Indian Language Structures (SAILS) Online. Leipzig: Online Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology. (Available at


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