Updated section on linguistic terminology!

A while ago I made a post helping people with the jungle of linguistic terminology by listing some resources and adding some commentary and reflections on the topic. It was in relation to AllThingsLinguistics tumblr-crowdsourcing-drive improving the linguistics-explaining resources of the internet, particularly on Wikipedia (you can read more about it on the tag lingcrowd).

I've now moved that post to the blog here, under a permanent heading called "Help! I don't understand linguistic terminology!" I've added more stuff, go have a look!

In particular I've added reflections on what "true definitions" are, framework/model/theory-neutrality, why this all matters to typology etc. In relation to those thoughts I feel compelled to repeat this first-world-problems-meme we made for an old tumblr post.

Happy terminology-defining and
critical-typological-thinking everyone!


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