Linguistic Olympiads all over internets!

There's this thing called the International Linguistics Olympiad, one of the authors of this blog - Hedvig - just so happens to be one of the organisers. It's for students of secondary schools in lots of different countries, they all compete in there national contests and then we all meet in the summer for the big international show-down. This years contest in Beijing recently finished. The problems are all based on insights of linguistics, it's kinda difficult to explain - why don't you just have a look-se

It's a cool contest, one of the cool things about it is that everyone competes in different languages. The problem set and the Jury's correcting work is all multilingual. You can read more about that here.

Well, well. Anyway. The news-worthy part is that IOL has increased its internet presence.

Now, there's

Puuh! So, if you guys enjoy us talking about linguistic diversity and description and you're a teacher or student - you'd probably like to follow the IOL too!

The contest of 2015 will take place in Bulgaria, you can read more about the local arrangements at their official web page and Facebook page!


p.s. In order to cover the different nationalities of the authors of this blog: för den Svenska gå hit, Nederlands - kijk hier, UK here and Americans&Canadians - go here. (The Finnish, Egyptians and Swiss ain't got none and I don't know the web page for the Greek one.)


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