Friday, August 15, 2014

Humans Who Read Grammars on blogger too!

We're on blogger now, too!

We've been at tumblr now for a while, as Humans Who Read Grammars (popularly misunderstood as "Humans Whore Ad Grammars", what ever that means ^^). Now we're going to move posting of originals to blogger, under the same name.

Posts here will still get to our tumblr and twitter. This is not a huge change, don't worry. It'll mainly make it easier for non-tumblrers to participate in discussions, and we get more formatting options.

If you're on the blogger site and what to read older post by us: go to the tumblr.
In particular, check out the tag Free Online Linguistic Databases and Goodie From Grammar Reading.
We'll continue writing posts about topics relating to linguistic diversity, documentation and description!


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