Hopefully helpful for linguistics students and junior researchers

Hello everyone, 

One of our aims here at this blog is to be of use for and spread information to the global community of linguistics students and junior/starting out researchers. To that end, I'd like to highlight some resources and posts from this blog relating to that, hope you enjoy it!

Guide to linguistic terminology and reflections on typoloy and framework-neutrality 
This is a text with helpful tips and advice on where to turn and what to think about when trying to navigate the rather jungle-like field that is linguistic terminology

List of Open Access publishing venues in linguistics 
This is a list for finding research, and also venues for publishing your own research Open Access. 

Free online tutorials and manuals for tools for linguists 
This is a great list of tools and tutorials and manuals for said tools that can truly revolutionise your work.

Free Online Linguistic Databases
A list of posts we've made introducing different cool online free databases of languages to our readers. A more comprehensive list of all databases can be found at Bodo Winters site. We mainly update our list for new posts.

The tag "Hopefully Helpful for Linguistics Students"
This is a tag for posts that we believe are useful for linguistics students, or junior/starting out researchers in linguistics. Some of the posts it covers are:
The tags "free PDF" and "currentlinguisticsresearch"
These are tags for concrete examples of research, for example:
Some other interesting tags
If something is missing in any of our lists, don't hesitate to contact us. We try to focus on current research on linguistic diversity and description, and related topics. For those looking for other people writing about linguistics online, there's this long list. For intelligent memes for linguists, go here.

We hope this might be useful to you as linguistics students or junior/starting out linguists. If it is, or if you want to contact us about anything - don't hesitate.



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